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November 9, 2020


Resilience refers to the ability of each person or social system to live well, develop positively despite facing difficult circumstances and as a result, transform and strengthen. Resilience components Resilience is made up of two elements: Integrity in the face of […]
November 8, 2020

Eating Disorders

What are eating disorders? Most people with eating disorders are often troubled with concerns of appearing overweight or unactively attractive. Eating disorders have to do with food, weight, vanity or willpower, but their severity potentially endangers life and mental health. […]
November 7, 2020

Anxiety Disorder

What is an anxiety disorder? Everyone may feel anxious at some point. Anxiety can be very helpful in helping a person avoid dangerous situations and motivating them to solve journal problems. Anxiety can range in severity, from mild restlessness to […]
November 6, 2020

Substance Use Disorder

What is a substance use disorder? Different substances affect the brain in different ways. This substance use disorder causes problems at work, school, health problems, or legal and family problems. The use of alcohol, drugs or others does not necessarily […]