NameCategoryPhone NumberFaxServicesWeb Page
EmergenciesEmergencies911N/APolice, Firemen, Medical Emergencies, State Agency for Emergency Management and Disaster Management. 
Línea PASHelp Line1-800-981-0023N/APsychosocial First Help - guidance and counseling in relation to possible emotional crises, 24 hours 7 days a week. 
National Network for Suicide PreventionHelp Line1-888-628-9454
Center for Poison ControlHelp Line1-800-222-1222N/AN/A 
Emergencias Sociales – Departamento de la FamiliaHelp Line787-749-1333N/AReporte de situaciones de emergencias sociales. 
ProsperaHelp Line1-877-660-6060
N/AProgram attached to the Administration for the Support of Minors (ASUME) through which people aged sixty (60) years or older who require support can request a child support order for their adult descendants.Click here
Vocational Rehabilitation AdministrationEmergencies787-729-0160787-728-8070N/A 
Office of the Ombudsman for the ElderlyServices   Click here
Alcoholics AnonymousSupport groups787-704-1634
N/AMeetings in english. 
Gamblers Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Support groups787-257-2204
N/A Click here
Los Amigos CompasivosServices787-272-6219
N/AParents who have lost children. 
Grupos de Apoyo de Fibromialgia Inc. (GAFI)Services787-864-5721
N/ANon-profit organization created in 1999 and that groups together several chapters on the Island to provide help and guidance to fibromyalgia patients. 
CEVI: Consejo Estatal de Vida IndependienteServices787-757-9345
N/APromote the philosophy of independent living, through consumer control, peer support, self-help and self-determination; equal access and intercession for individuals and systems that develop leadership, self-management, independence, productivity and social inclusion to the maximum. 
Proyecto de Ayuda a Sobrevivientes Orientado a la Salud de las Mujeres (PASOS)Services787-765-0515787-759-8908Forensic medical services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Participants are received from all over the island either through the Crime Victims Compensation Office, referred by the Department of the Family or direct request of the person interested in the services. 
Homes for the ElderlyHomes N/ALink to search for homes.Click here
Guide for Family Caregivers of Puerto RicoServices N/AGuide for Family Caregivers of Puerto Rico. It includes everything from government resource listings, medical assistance, credits and benefits, housing alternatives and long-term care, community organizations and services, legal aspects and services, and support for veterans.Click here