Providers Department

For FHC, a mental health services provider is an ally in the recovery of our members. The Providers Department mission is to initiate and maintain a healthy relationship with you and the other components of your practice, as well as with more than two thousand five hundred human behavior specialists that are our partners in Puerto Rico and in the Virgin Islands.

What can we expect from FHC?

  • An efficient process of contracting and credentialing
  • Efficient invoice processing
  • Support for your practice’s growth, according to our members needs and your area of expertise
  • Respectful treatment
  • Updates on clinical practices that have proven effective
  • Support from our clinical staff, case managers, and call center to resolve our members related challenges

What Can You Expect?

  • Orientation on how to join our network
  • Orientation for new contracts
  • Assistance with the reaccreditation process
  • Information about activities
  • Support with questions you may have about our payment rules

Remember to call our providers dedicated line, available at 1-877-684-4339.