TransCita trains its passenger service representatives

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TransCita trains its passenger service representatives


TransCita, leader in transportation of non-emergency health services in Puerto Rico, recently began the training program and certification of their passenger service representatives or drivers with the course ” First Aid for Mental Health” through FHC Academy, an educational program of the

FHC Health Systems of Puerto Rico (FHC), dedicated to the design and delivery of solutions for situations involving mental health. “First Aid for Mental Health” is a 12 hours training course designed to provide attendees with the skills needed to help a person who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a health crisis. Besides helping to identify, understand and respond to the signs and symptoms of mental illness, the course provides tools such as resilience to obtain a better customer service. This course ensures quality service for all passengers transported daily by TransCita to medical appointments.

Passenger Service representatives at TransCita have the largest number of certifications in the industry of non-emergency medical transportation in Puerto Rico. All are certified in CPR, most are paramedics, and all have PASS (Passenger Service and Safety Program) Certification for the proper management of people with mobility problems. The staff is constantly trained, allowing the company to have resources that are responsive to the needs of each patient.

The objective of the First Aid for Mental Health course by FHC Academy is to help the person suffering a mental breakdown until a specialist arrives to provide adequate professional help. Rescuers learn to use a drive step strategy: Damage and risk assessment, Communication Skills, Communication and Support Intervention, Identification of appropriate professional help, and Self-help strategies.

“In TransCita we are proud to be the first non-emergency transportation service company to train and certify our passenger service representatives with the First Aid for Mental Health Course”, said Juan Carlos Jimenez Bosques, president of TransCita. “For us is very important to stay ahead and to be able to provide an excellent service to each of our clients, and above all, to anticipate some circumstances that may occur while our patients are carried to their destinations, whether to medical appointments, treatments or whatever their need.”

“We are thrilled that TransCita has begun certifying its passenger service representatives in this important program. The scientific evidence supporting the program shows that mental health skills are acquired to help the public identify, understand and respond to the signs and symptoms of mental illness.” said Awilda Broco, president and chief executive officer at FHC.

Currently there are about 100,000 rescue workers with, trained by 3,000 instructors in the United States, Alaska and Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico there are approximately 200 people certified as well as various companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

About TransCita:

TransCita provides transportation services to non-emergency health services to the elderly and disabled population in Puerto Rico. The company began operations in 2008. TransCita currently leads the market. In a recent survey, TransCita obtained a 90 percent service satisfaction among its customers.

TransCita serves Puerto Rico 22 hours a day, Monday through Saturday from 3:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. It has bases and units in different parts of the island for a safer and effective access of passengers to their destinations. The bases are located in Rio Grande, San Juan, Naguabo, Juana Diaz, Arecibo, Mayaguez, Guayama, Aguadilla, and Manati. TransCita has a prepaid card which is available wherever the Recarga service is available throughout the island.

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