FHC is committed in providing mental health services of the utmost quality to its members. In order to achieve this objective we have designed a Quality Improvement Program (QIP). This Program promotes: objective and systematic measurements of services offered, while evaluating and monitoring the implementation of quality improvement activities that address eminent findings, among others. The QIP establishes and details the structure of those quality improvement activities that are developed annually in compliance with our business partners, regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies; such as CMS, URAC and NCQA.

We have adopted the NCQA definition of “quality of care”, which is the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge.

Some of the goals, objectives and activities of the QIP include:

  • taking measures when there are problems in regard to the quality of services offered
  • providing our members access to a qualified provider network, by assuring compliance with required credentialing and re-credentialing processes
  • evaluating the quality of medical services through HEDIS measurements and applicable quality indicators
  • conducting satisfaction surveys of providers, facilities and membership
  • auditing our provider network
  • developing quality initiatives based on the needs of our population, assuring that they are culturally and linguistically relevant
  • developing quality improvement projects
  • providing quality subject matter education and trainings to our employees and provider network as well
  • securing the safety our members

FHC’s Governing Board is responsible for ensuring the quality of care and services we provide. The Board has delegated the authority and responsibility of implementing the QIP to the Quality Improvement Committee who is chaired by Dr. Luis J. Rivera, FHC’s Medical Director. The QIP is reviewed and approved by the Quality Improvement Committee and approved by Mr. Matt Crouch, Chairman of the Governing Board of FHC.

In summary, our foremost aim is to measure, analyze and improve all clinical and nonclinical services provided, in order to continue offering mental health services of the highest quality.

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