About Us
FHC is a specialized organization that manages mental health services (Managed Behavioral Health Organization) dedicated to improving opportunities and helping people to obtain a better quality of life. We are a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), one of the most prominent and respected mental health companies in the United States that manages hospitals, mental health centers, outpatient clinics. Founded in 1978, UHS subsidiaries have more than 65,000 employees. UHS is also the parent company of First Hospital Panamericano, the leading provider of psychiatric services in Puerto Rico.
We have a URAC accreditation in utilization management. URAC is one of the fastest growing health care accreditation institutions in the world. URAC’s Utilization Management Accreditation in Health Services assures that our Utilization Review Program is a coherent process, established on a solid foundation from the clinical viewpoint, respectful of patient as well as provider’s rights. URAC standards include the use of evidence-based guidelines and outlines specific reviewer requirements at each level of review. This accreditation promotes the suitability of the Health Utilization Management Program by using evaluations that employ widely recognized standards and measures.

FHC clients include health plans such as MCS, MCS Classicare, Triple S, and Mapfre. In addition, we have been selected by companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, and Lilly del Caribe, among others to provide specialty mental health services and support programs for their employees.
FHC has been responsible for the administration of mental health services to diverse populations, including the Medicaid population since 1996. This experience has identified and addressed gaps in service delivery. Our culture and organizational philosophy focuses on the welfare of the clients, providing training for them, such as resilience, to attain a better quality of life.

FHC has directed all its efforts to develop an Employee Assistance Program dedicated to the workplace, which helps workers cope with and identify problems related to work and personal life, as well as to maintain optimal emotional health.
Our goal is to improve employees’ workplace performance for the benefit of the individual, his/her family, and the organization.
At present we offer the Employee Assistance Program, as well as the coordination and management of mental health services for more than 480,000 lives including the commercial and Medicare Advantage sector.

To offer alternatives to alleviate the emotional challenges of individuals, their families, workplaces, and communities, promoting prevention and recovery.

To be recognized as the leader in the management and delivery of mental health services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


  • Create programs and interdependencies within a mental health system to provide the highest possible degree of recovery.
  • We are responsible for the lives of our employees to help reduce the stigma in terms of access to mental health services and to help when needed.
  • We recognize that our employees should be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle to contribute to the lives of others.
  • We contribute to our communities by the continuous quality improvement of our programs and by establishing healthy relationships with participants.
  • Our products evolve to offer participants options for personal and professional progress.

FHC is committed to providing services guided by the highest standards in the healthcare industry, promoting a timely, professional service for all our customers. We continuously strive to improve and identify the needs of the people we serve, and to evaluate their degree of satisfaction.